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My name is Joel and currently I'm based in Devon, United Kingdom. I've been an avid PC gamer and technology lover all my life. In the summer of 2014, I decided to create my own YouTube channel under my nickname "Xocliw". This had been a dream of mine for some time but unfortunately the internet in my area was just too slow. Eventually it was upgraded and I was able to pursue my dream. After spending many hours being a very active member of the Space Engineers community, I thought that the best way to get into making interesting videos would be through this game.

   Hologram version of me in a space suit...

  Hologram version of me in a space suit...

The Star Wars universe was part of a large portion of my childhood, either playing video games or building Lego models. More lately the Battlestar Galactica reboot series added in a darker, more gritty element to my imagination of a what a futuristic world could look like. They both continue to inspire my work and make Space Engineers a natural home for the majority of my videos. My love of sci-fi also has made me incredibly excited for the upcoming Star Citizen due to the immense scope, freedom and detailed immersion that it plans to deliver.

When not online, Music plays a big part of my life. I play saxophone, piano, trumpet and ukulele as well as being a singer in various groups and bands. My favourite genres are blues, rock & roll, reggae, jazz and swing. However, I appreciate and enjoy many other styles too. A good tune is a good tune regardless of the genre (in most cases anyway). For some pictures of me performing, visit the media page. In the future, I plan to record some music for people to listen to on the website if they are interested. 

Another favourite activity of mine is Airsoft which I have been doing for nearly five years but I am yet to do a video on it for my channel. The tactical element of it has always interested me most and the rush of adrenaline that it can give you is incredible. I also like tinkering with the weapons and kit too. Throughout my life I have been fascinated by military history, vehicles and technology so Airsoft is a great way to experience some of this without the danger of real bullets. Nowadays in the virtual world, I get my military kicks out of Arma 3, an open-world military tactical shooter but I have played many different FPS games in the past. Other activities I enjoy include travelling, tennis, skiing, mountain biking and water sports (sailing/surfing/windsurfing/kayaking).

In September 2015, I moved to Prague, Czech Republic to join the ever growing development team at Keen Software House where I have various jobs and responsibilities. Even though this is a big and exciting commitment, I still plan to produce videos for my YouTube channel when I'm not working. I've got some crazy ideas for future videos so I couldn't just let them go to waste. This website will continue to be updated with new content and news as it happens so stay tuned.

If you like what I've been doing, feel free to follow me on social media. This would be greatly appreciated as it helps me continue to develop, and you get new content as soon as it's released. Below is a link to the parts that are used in my setup and some photos of me doing various things. If you would like to see more images of events that I've attended and some places that I've visited, check out the media page of this site.


Any questions for me? If so, get in touch via the contact page and I will try to get back to you ASAP.





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